Oracle Buys Acme

In a surprising announcement yesterday Oracle announced that it would buy Acme Packet for US$1.7bn.  Oracle will bring Acme into the Oracle Communications business unit.

According to Acme CEO, Andy Ory:

Oracle plans to make Acme Packet a core offering in its Oracle Communications portfolio to enable customers to more rapidly innovate while simplifying their IT and network infrastructures. This means our customers can expect to continue to receive the expertise, vision and passion that they have come to expect from us today — and our efforts will be supported by the global reach, investment and infrastructure of Oracle.

This gives Oracle a key element in their service provider communications suite of applications and also opens up some interesting possibilities in the CEBP realm, something that Acme has been investing in recently.

It will be interesting to see how the market and Acme, always seen as an independent provider of SBC and session management technology to service providers and large enterprises, adapts to becoming part of the massive Oracle organisation.

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