Apps: The Key to UC

Marty Parker over at NoJitter makes a good point about UC applications being the way to unlock tru value and differentiation out of UC.  This is not just about a dedicated UC app on a mobile device, but true communication enabled busines processes (CEBP).  It’s about context-aware integration of appropriate communicaiton channels directly into the business application, be it mobile or desktop based.

Apps: The Key to UC.  Once you know what to look for, it is not at all hard to bring high-value Apps to your enterprise and to your career!.

I agree with his sentiments that system integrators need to step up and start investing in the skills and resources to provide these integraiton service to their clients.  The vendors provide the SDK’s to make use of, and the application providers are eager to increase the value of their applications.  The time of of UC Apps is now.

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